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Old Hollywood Celebrity Homes!

“Elle Décor” has photos of the homes of some of Hollywood's biggest stars from the past. Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gabl... Read More

The Housing Demolition Dilemma!

As towns and cities lose population in the North and Midwest USA, long-time vacant homes can become a serious problem at... Read More

Sandy Hook Killer's Home Will Be Demolished!

The 3,100-square-foot Connecticut Colonial home where Adam Lanza lived with his mother when he slaughtered 20 first grad... Read More

Best Housing Starts Since 2005!

A good December pushed annual U.S. housing starts to its highest level since 2005. A total of 1.01 million new homes an... Read More

Miami Condo Pre-Construction Includes Soccer Field!

A planned Miami condo project, Paramount Miami Worldcenter, with 472 units will include a soccer field. About 10 percent... Read More

Dump the House - Live On a Cruise Ship!

A Florida widow sold her home almost seven years ago and has been living ever since on a cruise ship. Since her husband ... Read More

Atomic-Bomb Missile Silo For Sale!

A Cold War era missile silo that lies 10 floors below ground near Roswell, New Mexico is for sale asking $295,000. A sal... Read More

Macy's Connected Home For Sale!

A New Jersey estate with ties to the founder of Macy's is for sale. Herbert and Therese Straus built the elaborate compo... Read More

Condo Sale Sets New York City Record!

A penthouse condo with expansive Central Park views at New York City's One57 has set a new sales record at $100.47 milli... Read More

Reeling Russian Ruble Scrambles Luxury Market!

The Russians were very active in the last few years buying multi-million dollar homes and condos in Florida and New York... Read More

More Celebrity Homes!

From Taylor Swift to Charlize Theron, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, Lonny has a tour of celebrity homes. Read More

Sham Florida Moves To Save On Taxes!

Because Florida has no state income tax and additional tax breaks for residents, some people from high tax states are te... Read More

South Florida Home Investing Slows Down!

With South Florida home prices up over 20 percent, home purchases by institutional investors has slowed down. According ... Read More

Tiger's Swedish Golf Island!

According to, a 62-acre island in Sweden that was designed with golf facilities, home, ferry and horse stable fo... Read More

American Castles For Sale!

The Real Deal and have photos and details on five wonderful castle-like homes for sale in the United States... Read More

Frank Sinatra's New York penthouse!

A Manhattan penthouse that Frank Sinatra helped design in 1961 and where he lived with Mia Farrow appears to have sold f... Read More

Celebrity Ski Homes!

Jerry Seinfeld's 14,200 square foot Telluride, Colorado ski home was for sale in 2011. Mitt Romney sold his Park City, U... Read More

Florida Home Investors Ready To Cash Out!

According to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, investors who scooped up cheap Florida homes during the real estate crash may ... Read More

Jeff Gordon's Aspen Ranch!

Jeff Gordon is more than just a race car driver. He is also a real estate collector including a 1,930 acre ranch near As... Read More

Burt Reynolds Sells Florida Home!

After several years on and off the market and a precipitous drop from the original $15 million asking price in 2006, it ... Read More

Ruskies Leave U.S. Luxury Housing Market!

Luxury real estate agents are feeling the affects of wealthy Russians who are no longer buying the multi-million dollar ... Read More

Florida Passes New York In Population!

In December, Florida moved ahead of New York as the third most populous U.S. state with 19.9 million people. New York ha... Read More

New Yorkers Driving Miami Condo Prices Higher!

New York City developers and their clients are buying expensive condos in Miami and Miami Beach pushing prices higher. A... Read More

Beatles' 1964 Apartment For Sale!

A London apartment where George Harrison and Ringo Starr lived in 1964 is for sale. Read More

South Florida Condo Boom!

According to "The Real Deal," the number of new condo units proposed for the Florida Gold Coast counties of Miami-Dade, ... Read More

Bruno Mars' New House!

Bruno Mars just paid $6.5 million for a 7 bedroom, 8 bath home in Studio City, California. Read More

Utah Has Largest Homes In USA!

According to “USA Today,” Provo, Utah has the largest homes in the United States followed by Houston, Texas; Colorad... Read More

People Love Wacky Homes!

An upside down home in Russia, wine vat homes in Spain and an airplane house in Nigeria, “Business Insider” has the ... Read More

Top 10 Celebrity Homes For Sale!

The “Houston Chronicle” has a look at the best celebrity homes that were for sale in 2014. From Celine Dion to Heidi... Read More

America's Top 10 Most Popular Neighborhoods!

According to a analysis of real estate web searches by zip code, America's most popular neighborhood is in O... Read More

Housing Recovery Sputters Along!

After a good October, sales of previously owned homes fell below expectations in November. Although some parts of the U.... Read More

Joe Cocker's Colorado English Manor!

In 1992, Joe Cocker and his wife, Pam, bought a 240-acre tract of land in Crawford, Colorado. They built, not the usual ... Read More

Futuro Houses Face Bleak Future!

Originally marketed as ski homes in the late 1960s, the spaceship-looking prefabricated plastic homes never really caugh... Read More

Marco Rubio Is Selling His Miami Home!

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio is asking $696,000 for his four bedroom Miami home. He also had the home on the m... Read More

Ozzie Nelson Haunted House Sold!

One of Hollywood's long-running rumors is that the Los Angeles home where the Ozzie Nelson family lived and was the film... Read More

Dick Clark's Flintstone House Sold!

Dick Clark did it all! “American Bandstand” and “Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve,” along with a myriad of r... Read More

The Beatles, Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin!

A 1957 Miami Beach condo-hotel resort that was a favorite of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin back in the day, and where th... Read More

President Ford's Ski Home For Sale!

President Gerald Ford's ski home in Beaver Creek, Colorado is for sale at $8.5 million. The first floor was originally d... Read More

Nudists Buy Houses Too!

A Tampa, Florida real estate agent specializes in finding homes for nudists. The Tampa area is a hot spot for clothing-o... Read More

Shakira's Miami Beach Mansion!

Shakira has been trying to sell her sexy Miami Beach home for over a year at $14.95 million. Although it is not official... Read More

Neon Deion's Texas Mansion!

Deion Sanders' former Dallas mansion has been on and off the market for a few years. Deion started out asking $21 millio... Read More

Groundbreaking at Former Spring Break HoJos!

The Fort Lauderdale Howard Johnsons that attracted thousand of spring break college kids with cheap rates and good locat... Read More

Architectural Digest Covers Bette Midler's Penthouse!

Take a tour of Bette Midler's French country home looking penthouse in New York City, courtesy of Architectural Digest. Read More

Top 10 All Time Real Estate Movies!

Evil Mr Potter in “Its a Wonderful Life” was a slum landlord and Eddie Murphy was a real estate sales creep in Walt ... Read More

U.S. Most Expensive Homes - Alabama to Wyoming!

“USA Today” and Zillow have listed the most expensive homes for sale in all 50 states. North Dakota has the cheapest... Read More

Weird Homes For Sale!

Bob Hope's UFO home in Palm Springs, a Connecticut castle, and a mushroom house in Maryland are a few of the unusual hom... Read More

Biltmore Hotel Days Numbered!

The Biltmore Hotel built in 1897 in St Petersburg, Florida was known as the “White Queen of the Gulf.” It has been c... Read More

Only 3% Down Buys a House!

In a new program, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will begin backing some home mortgages with just 3 percent required for a d... Read More

67% of South Florida Pre-Construction Condos Sold!

According to, approximately 17,665 pre-construction condos are now for sale in South Florida, mostly i... Read More

Home Appraisal Headaches!

As the housing market inches back closer to its pre-crash price levels, a common complaint from real estate agents is th... Read More

McConaughey's Texas Mansion & Trailer!

HGTV has the photos of Matthew McConaughey's Airstream and his Austin, Texas home. Read More

Fort Lauderdale Yankee Clipper Sold!

One of South Florida's most historic hotels just sold for $107 million. The Fort Lauderdale Yankee Clipper opened in 195... Read More

Airplane Homes For Sale!

Curbed has the details on four homes for sale that come with their own runway and airplane hanger. Prices range from $2.... Read More

President Roosevelt's Florida White House!

President Franklin Roosevelt's Winter White House near Miami, Florida was torn down in 1994 and replaced with an ultra-m... Read More

Slow Sales at NYC's One 57!

In 2013, billionaires were rushing to buy the best units at One 57, New York's newest condo tower with Central Park view... Read More

Top 10 Up & Coming U.S. Cities!

Pompano Beach, Florida was #5 of the “up and coming” cities listed on Trip Advisor's top 10 U.S. cities that are gen... Read More

Europe's Biggest Mansion Is For Sale!

The largest home in Europe, about twice the size of Buckingham Palace, is for sale asking £7 million or about $11 milli... Read More

New York's Surging $10 Million Market!

Sales of New York City's $10 million condos and co-ops have soared in 2014, already at 56 units. This is an increase fro... Read More

Pirate Compound Going To Auction!

A Connecticut man says he spent $20 million on his pirate-themed vacation home in the Virgin Islands. The home is called... Read More

Johnny Bench Catches Florida Deal!

Former Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench recently purchased the Jupiter, Florida home of retired St Loui... Read More

“The Godfather” Movie House For Sale!

The Staten Island compound that was Don Corleone's home in “The Godfather,” where Connie Corleone had her big weddin... Read More

New Hampshire Home Might Be Booby Trapped!

It has been a tough sale for a New Hampshire home where an anti-government couple hunkered down in 2007 to try to escape... Read More

Danielle Steel's Historic San Francisco Mansion!

Curbed has a fascinating look at San Francisco's historic Spreckels Mansion. Now the home of Danielle Steel. Read More

Orlando Rated Best Place To Buy a Home!

In a recent analysis of best cities for affordable housing and good schools, Orlando was ranked #1. The next highest ra... Read More

New York's Most Fashionable Haunted House!

A neglected Staten Island mansion that was built in 1855 has become a popular photo location for the New York City fashi... Read More

Tom Cruise puts vacation home on the market for $59 million!

Tom Cruise has put his 298-acre estate in Telluride, Colorado on the market for $59 million. At the heart of the enormou... Read More

More Snow Means More Florida Sales!

The cold weather and snow in the northern and midwest U.S. and Canada are good news for Florida condo sales agents. Miam... Read More

Terry Bradshaw's Oklahoma Ranch!

Terry Bradshaw is selling his Oklahoma ranch for $10.8 million. According to, Terry spent millions refurbishi... Read More

Miami Beach Condo Worries!

With a slower international buying market and prices that have increased to their 2006 peak levels, there are signs that... Read More

Doomsday Condos Sold Out!

A luxury condo project built in a former U.S. missile silo 174 feet underground in Kansas is sold out. The 2,000 square ... Read More

Ted Turner's Private Island!

Ted Turner's 4,680 acre private island off the South Carolina coast is for sale at $23,777,000. The 3,800-square-foot ma... Read More

Million Dollar Home Sales Up 16%!

According to the National Association of Realtors, sales of existing homes priced over $1 million increased over 16 perc... Read More

Canada's Housing Bubble!

Average home prices in Canada at the end of 2013 were about $354,000 compared to about $250,000 in the United States. Wh... Read More

Justin Bieber's Childhood Crib!

Justin Bieber's grandparents are selling their Ontario home for $248,000. According to “Entertainment Tonight,” Just... Read More

Miami Condo Flippers Are Back!

A sign that the Miami condo flippers are back at work. According to “The Real Deal,” more than two-thirds of the rec... Read More

America's Top 10 Pricey Markets!

The average price for a four bedroom, two bath home in Los Altos, California is about 30 times more expensive than a sim... Read More

Top 10 Florida Towns!

Florida has almost 20 million residents and will soon surge by New York as the country's third largest state. According ... Read More

Miami Beach Penthouse Sells $10M Over Ask!

According to “The Real Deal,” a pre-construction Miami Beach penthouse has sold for $60 million - about $10 million ... Read More

Creative Home Financing Is Back!

Adjustable rate mortgages, interest-only and other alternative mortgages are back in some parts of the U.S. Read More

Higher Luxury Home Prices!

Luxury home prices in the world's top 33 markets increased 4 percent in the past year. Leading U.S. cities were Los Ange... Read More

New York's Floorplan Market!

Almost half of New York City condo purchases over $4 million are purchased by buyers who are making their selection off ... Read More

Baby Boomers Retirement Homes!

Almost half of baby boomers say they want a bigger house when they retire but the Great Recession is causing problems. A... Read More

America's Top 25 Suburbs!

Business Insider ranks the 25 best suburbs in the United States. Rankings are based on housing affordability, school qua... Read More

America's Cheapest House!

The most expensive home currently on the U.S. market is $139 million near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The least expensive ... Read More

Still Hurting Housing Crash Towns!

While much of the United States has substantially recovered from the real estate crash, some towns are still struggling ... Read More

Ghost Town Sells For $1.9 Million!

A Connecticut town that was once a thriving mill community but deserted for many years sold at auction for $1.9 million. Read More

Alabama Football Coach Gets a Free Home!

America's most successful college football coach, who won national championships in 2003, 2009, 2011 and 2012, makes alm... Read More

Buy Al Capone's Chicago Home!

Looking for a nice place in Chicago that was the home of the world's most famous gangster? The modest home that Al Capo... Read More

America's Housing Market!

From the early 2000's housing price boom to the deep 2007 to 2010 housing crash to the 2011 to 2013 mini boom, “USA To... Read More

Selling a Haunted House!

How do real estate agents deal with listing a creepy home? Don't take too many photos. Read More

American Ghost Towns!

Former gold mine and railroad boom towns, an abandoned amusement park, even an Alabama site that was planned as the stat... Read More

Top 10 Haunted Castles!

A frightening look at the world's top 10 haunted castles: Dracula's Castle in Romania where the infamous vampire may hav... Read More

Colorado Ghost Town For Sale!

Uptop, Colorado was an actual ghost town when two sisters from Boston bought the empty hamlet in 2000. After years of re... Read More

Famous Murder Homes For Sale!

What happens when a house that was the site of a gruesome murder or suicide goes on the market? NBC has the details on t... Read More

Scary Haunted Hotels!

Murders, suicides and mysteries are at the center of haunted hotel legends across the United States. Glamorous hotels in... Read More

Celebrity Haunted Homes!

Some celebrities seem to have it all. Money, fabulous jewelry, great cars and haunted homes. Nicolas Cage and Anne Rice ... Read More

World Famous Haunted Homes!

America's spookiest, scariest, bone chilling homes in the United States. Homes of serial killers, celebrity suicides, Am... Read More

Historic Haunted Homes!

Frank Stranahan moved from Ohio to the New River area, now known as Fort Lauderdale, as a young man in 1893. He became w... Read More

Top 10 Movie Haunted Homes!

A look at ten scary movie homes including the English manor Bly House from “The Innocents,” the Colorado Overlook Ho... Read More

Most Americans Will Buy a Haunted House!

According to a survey, 62 percent of Americans would consider buying a haunted house. Read More