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Underwater Florida Homes!

Despite increases of up to 25 percent in Florida home prices since 2012, Orlando, Jacksonville, Lakeland, and Palm Bay-T... Read More

Hot Celebrities Hot Homes!

“Huffington Post" has the home photos of celebrity homes: Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, etc. Read More

Piano Man Out of NYC!

Billy Joel might still be in a “New York State Of Mind” but he has sold all of his New York City properties. He stil... Read More

Elvis Palm Springs Home Auction!

According to “Curbed,” the Palm Springs, California home that Elvis Presley owned in the 1970s is going to auction. Read More

Oops! Florida Beach Home Built On Wrong Lot!

A Missouri couple's Florida vacation home was built on the wrong lot. Their attorney is looking for a solution. Read More

Canadians Encouraged To Buy In Florida!

BMO Bank of Montreal's “Annual Snowbird” outlook offers several reasons for Canadians to consider purchasing a home ... Read More

America's Top 10 Zip Codes!

According to Movoto, the best zip code in the United States is 20004 in Washington D.C., near the White House and Smiths... Read More

Bill Gates Buys Jenny Craig Horse Compound!

Bill Gates has purchased diet queen Jenny Craig's Rancho Santa Fe horse compound. Asking price was $18 million. Gates pl... Read More

Real Life TV Star Homes!

Zillow has photos of homes owned by 1990's TV stars Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Dave Navarro, Billy ... Read More

Hi & Lo Property Tax States!

New Jersey has the highest state median property tax at $7,331 while Alabama has the lowest at $532. Read More

Future Condo Sales Look Bright - Or Not!

The percentage of home sales that are condos peaked in 2005 at 12.7 percent but fell during the recession to 10.7 percen... Read More

Waldorf Astoria Selling For $1.95 Billion!

It is the most expensive hotel sale in history. The Hilton owned Waldorf Astoria is being sold to Chinese investors for ... Read More

Big Texas Estate Now 50% Less!

The Tom Hicks Crespi mega-mansion in Dallas with 42,500 square feet and 25 acres went on the market last year as the mos... Read More

Student debt flunks housing market!

According to a new study by John Burns Consulting, student loan debt is one of the major factors that is causing a slow ... Read More

George Harrison Childhood Home For Sale!

The Liverpool home where George Harrison lived from 1949 to 1962 is for sale. The home is near the neighborhood school w... Read More

Trump Exec Denies Drugging Rival!

In a new book, “The Liar's Ball,” by Vicky Ward about the hard ball tactics sometimes used in the real estate world,... Read More

Warren Buffett's Modest Home!

Warren Buffett lives in the same middle-class house he bought in 1958 in Omaha, Nebraska for $31,500. He says it is the ... Read More

Knute Rockne's Home For Sale!

Flash back to when Knute Rockne was a huge celebrity, and a movie starring Pat O'Brien and Ronald Reagan was made about ... Read More

Tiny Homes Are Trending!

Thinking about downsizing to a much smaller house? Now there is a website where you can find tiny homes to rent. Read More

Weird But Wonderful Homes!

A home where the floor is a trampoline. Interesting wall graphics, climbing walls and cool indoor slides. Curbed has the... Read More

Where the Million Dollar Homes Are Found!

States with the highest percentage on million dollar homes include Rhode Island, Massachusetts, California, Colorado and... Read More

Florida's Top 10 Exciting Cities!

According to the real estate website, Movoto, the #1 Florida city for excitement is Miami Beach - followed by Fort Laude... Read More

Cheap To Buy Mansions!

Mansions in many U.S. cities that were once showpiece homes for the wealthy are often now neglected or in bad neighborho... Read More

California Home Was $9 Million - Now $1.995 Million!

Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder but selling it might not be easy. A Glendale, California six bedroom home th... Read More

London, Hong Kong & New York City Most Expensive Cities!

A recent ranking of the world's most expensive cities to work and live has London as the most expensive city in the worl... Read More

Top 10 U.S. Boring Cities!

According to the real estate website, Movoto, the #1 boring city in the United States is Lubbock, Texas. North Las Vegas... Read More

Most Expensive Homes In the 50 States!

“The Real Deal,” has a look at the most expensive places to live in each of the 50 states. The most expensive place ... Read More

Good Month For New Home Sales!

Sales of new homes in the U.S. jumped 18 percent in August to an annual rate of 504,000. New home sales are at their hig... Read More

More Parents Helping Kids Buy Homes!

Adding to the parental expenses for braces and sports and college, more parents are helping their adult children buy hom... Read More

Canadians Love Florida!

They spend a lot and pay cash. Canadians spent $2.2 billion last year on Florida real estate. Almost 90 percent pay cash... Read More

America's Top 10 Small Towns!

According to the real estate website, Movoto, the #1 small town in the United States is Vienna, Virginia followed by Pal... Read More

South Florida Asking Price Increases Lead Nation!

According to the real estate website, Trulia, South Florida home asking prices are going up faster than the rest of the ... Read More

$1 Million For a Lousy Parking Space!

“The New York Times” reports that a limited number of parking spaces are for sale at a new condo development in Soho... Read More

Cash Is King For Florida Home Sales!

Florida has more all-cash home sales than any other state at a bit over 50 percent. Florida is also the #1 state for in... Read More

America's Top 10 Cheap States!

“USA Today” has a look at the top ten most affordable states based on the cost of housing, food, transportation and ... Read More

America's Top 10 Richest States!

According to the real estate website, Movoto, the #1 richest state is Connecticut - followed by Maryland, New Jersey and... Read More

World's Smallest Home Asks $450K!

A 188-square-foot, one room home in north London is for sale asking $450,000. As you might have guessed, London is one ... Read More

Where the Baby Boomers Live!

For the second consecutive year, The Villages, 45 miles northwest of Orlando, had the highest number of master planned c... Read More

Internationals Go To Florida!

According to the National Association of Realtors, about 25 percent of all international buyers of U.S. homes are buying... Read More

America's Most Expensive Home!

A Florida mansion modeled after the Palace of Versailles has just hit the market asking $139 million. The home is still... Read More

Upsurge In Florida Condo Construction Loans!

Big banks are jumping on the current Florida condo boom. According to Peter Zalewski of “Condo Vultures,” lenders h... Read More

A Good Month For Pete Rose!

In addition to the news that his longtime MLB nemesis, Bud Selig, is retiring, Pete “Charlie Hustle” Rose had more g... Read More

Affordable Beach Towns!

Living by the ocean is expensive, but some places are pricier than others. HGTV highlights four beach towns with median... Read More

Top 10 U.S. Sexy Cities!

According to the real estate website, Movoto, the #1 sexy city in the United States is Miami Beach, followed by another ... Read More

Home Sale Price Increases Slow Down!

According to the S&P Home Price Index, national home prices for June are up 8.1% over June, 2013. However monthly sales ... Read More

Famous Sold Properties!

“The Real Deal” looks at five famous buildings that have sold since 2000. The Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center,... Read More

Boomerang Buyers Bounce Back!

According to the “Washington Post,” about 10% of today's home buyers recently went through a short sale or foreclosu... Read More

Eccentric American Towns!

Where are America's quirkiest towns? Where people are just a bit different? According to “Travel & Leisure,” the #1 ... Read More

Star Island Home Wreckers!

Miami Beach's Star Island is the home of fabulous old mansions and famous celebrities such as Gloria Estefan and Don Joh... Read More

Miami Land Prices Back To Peak Years!

Due to demand and scarcity, vacant land prices are surging in parts of South Florida. According to “Miami Today News,... Read More

Hot July For New Home Construction!

New home starts jumped 15.7% in July to a seasonally adjusted rate of 1.1 million homes. New housing permits also surged... Read More

Top 10 Mid-Size U.S. Towns!

They are not too big or too small. Movoto analyzed home sales, school quality, crime and unemployment rates to determine... Read More

Tour Suzanne Somers' Palm Springs Compound!

Suzanne Somers and TV host husband Alan Hamel have listed their romantic and secluded Palm Springs retreat for $14.5 mil... Read More

Trumpster: “Atlantic City Went Bad After I Left”

Donald Trump blames the problems in Atlantic City on too much competition from neighboring states and that the city poli... Read More

More Bad News for Atlantic City!

One of Atlantic City's most prominent and visible hotel-casinos is closing on September 10th. Revel opened to good revi... Read More

Malibu Trailer Park Home Wants $3.75 Million!

Mobile homes in Malibu's Paradise Cove routinely sell for $1 million and higher. Matthew McConaughey's old mobile home r... Read More

Florida Home Prices Back To Peak In 2019!

According to a new report from Zillow, Florida home prices peaked in 2006 and hit bottom in 2011. The real estate websi... Read More

Top 10 Surging U.S. Housing Markets! selects the ten U.S. areas where they expect a strong housing market surge. From Reno, Nevada to Albany, New... Read More

Sweet Domino Sugar Sign Coming Down!

The forty-foot Domino Sugar sign at the former Brooklyn factory that has been seen by millions of New Yorkers and visito... Read More

America's Top 10 Counties!

According to the real estate website Movoto, the #1 county in the United States is Loudoun in Virginia. Rankings are bas... Read More

New York's Most Expensive Building!

15 Central Park West is one of New York's most expensive and historic buildings. It was the first building in New York ... Read More

Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch For Sale!

It appears that Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch is going on the market for about $60 million. Jackson lived at the ran... Read More

Top CEOs Make Florida Their Home!

According to the Florida Realtors Association, 50 percent of the top ten preferred home locations for top CEOs are in Fl... Read More

Weird But Wonderful Homes!

Bankrate has photos of six unusual and special homes. Read More

The New South Florida Condo Boom!

Over 10,000 new condos are already sold in South Florida since the market began to recover in 2011. According to “The ... Read More

National Home Prices Increase 7.5%!

National home prices increased 1 percent in June, up 7.5 percent since June 2013. Although home prices have been on a st... Read More

Opie's Furniture For Sale!

Ron and Cheryl Howard just sold their Greenwich, Connecticut home for the asking price of $27.5 million and are now sell... Read More

Montana Compound Without Heat!

An architect who designed an Arizona home without air conditioning has now come up with a Montana home that doesn't have... Read More

Celebrity Home Features!

Neil Patrick Harris has a magic man cave, Kenny Rogers has a Roman spa, Ron Howard has a sports barn and Robin Williams ... Read More

Florida Celebrity Homes!

Other than California and New York, Florida is home to more celebrities than any other state. Celine Dion, Donald Trump ... Read More

Trump's Atlantic City Boarding House Problem Sold at Auction!

Back in the days when everyone thought Atlantic City would be a gold mine, Donald Trump had to build his casino around V... Read More

Miami Home Prices Increase 13.2%!

A total of 60 new condo towers are either under construction or planned for the downtown Miami area. According to Standa... Read More

Where the Hamptons Stars Live!

Curbed has a map to the Hamptons celebrity homes. See where Kelly Ripa, Howard Stern, Calvin Klein, Martha Stewart and t... Read More

Top 10 Expensive U.S. Homes!

TV reality's “Million Dollar Listing” agent Ryan Serhant has the most expensive home for sale in the United States a... Read More

New York's Tallest Towers!

One World Trade Center is the champion. The Empire State Building is in second place and the Bank of America Tower in th... Read More

Celebrities Sell Their Homes To Celebrities!

Celebrities frequently sell their homes to other celebrities. In 2011, Ellen DeGeneres bought Brad Pitt's Malibu beach h... Read More

The Good Thing About Plastic Couch Covers!

Many baby boomers remember the thick plastic covers that their mothers used to protect their prized 1960's living room c... Read More

A Trip To See Fallingwater!

In 1935, Frank Lloyd Wright was given a budget of $30,000 by the owner of Pittsburgh's Kaufmann Department Store to buil... Read More

New York's Condo Competition!

The latest upscale New York City condo towers have several advantages over the condo buildings that were most popular ju... Read More

Home Sale Prices Increase 4.3%!

According to new data from the National Association of Realtors, U.S. home sale prices in June were 4.3 percent higher t... Read More

Paulson Pushes Home Hownership!

Money guru John Paulson told CNBC that home ownership is the best investment a person can make. Ironically, Paulson beca... Read More

The Battle of the Beaches!

Most experts and the U.S. Government think is it a good idea to rebuild U.S. beaches where the sand is eroding, and will... Read More

Tour Sting's London Townhouse!

Sting owns multiple homes around the world. His London town home is for sale. Read More

America's Most Expensive Homes - Alabama to Wyoming!

Location! Location! Location! Business Insider has a rundown of the most expensive homes in each state that are currentl... Read More

New Home Construction Slows Down!

New home construction dropped 9.3 percent in June, the slowest rate since September. June home starts actually increase... Read More

60 New Condo Towers Planned in Downtown Miami!

Sixty new condo projects are either under construction or planned for the Downtown Miami area. That is about the same nu... Read More

Does Celebrity Status Sell Homes?

Celebrity homes get a lot of attention but don't always sell very fast. Bob Hope's UFO home and Dick Clark's Flintstones... Read More

Bad News for the Miami Condo Market!

Condo construction cranes are everywhere in the greater Miami area with most of the new construction happening in the Mi... Read More

$100 Million For an Acre In Miami!

A vacant 1.25-acre lot in Downtown Miami recently sold for $125 million - a new South Florida record. The new owner appe... Read More

Most Americans Will Buy a Haunted House!

According to a survey, 62 percent of Americans would consider buying a haunted house. Read More

George W. Bush's Texas Ranch!

Architectural Digest has photos of President George W. Bush's Crawford, Texas home. See the former President's paintings... Read More

Florida Housing Deals Hard To Find!

According to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, discounts on home prices in Southwest Florida are almost gone. The newspaper p... Read More

Cheap U.K. Mansion!

Home prices in London are among the most expensive in the world but the prices outside the London area are not nearly as... Read More

Bank of America Donates 800 Florida Homes to Charities!

According to the Florida Realtors Association, Bank of America is donating over 800 homes to various charities including... Read More

Florida Grocery Chain Selling Condos!

The condo market is hot again in South Florida. So hot that the Publix grocery chain is getting in on the action. Read More

The Shark's Florida Housing Saga!

Greg “Shark” Norman already owns a big estate on the ocean in Jupiter, Florida that he has been trying to sell since... Read More

Frank Lloyd Wright's Chicago Homes!

Frank Lloyd Wright was busy in Chicago where he worked and lived from 1887 until his death in 1959. He designed 25 homes... Read More

Condo Hotels Are Back!

Condo hotels that were popular before the housing crash are back. Several of the newest developments in South Florida a... Read More

Florida #1 For International Buyers!

According to the National Association of Realtors, annual international real estate purchases in the United States incre... Read More

Favorite Celebrity Living Rooms!

Lonny picks their favorite celebrity living rooms. From Reese Witherspoon to Matthew Perry to Celine Dion and many more. Read More