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U.S. Home Sales Performance Hits 2008 Levels!

U.S. new home sales increased over 2 percent in May, their best performance since 2008. The supply inventory of new home... Read More

Florida Home Prices Continue To Rise!

Florida homes are selling faster and for more money. The median sale price for Florida single-family existing homes incr... Read More

Johnny Depp Selling His French Village!

Johnny Depp bought a dilapidated French village near St Tropez in 2001 and has spent millions to renovate it He has rece... Read More

Queen Elizabeth Buys New York Condo!

Although it is highly unlikely that Queen Elizabeth II will be moving to New York City any time soon, she recently purch... Read More

Scotland Nazi POW Hotel!

A developer in Scotland wants to convert a former Nazi prisoners camp into a luxury vacation destination. Read More

David Cassidy's Florida Home Going To Auction!

David Cassidy, teen sensation in the 1970's Partridge Family band and television show, filed bankruptcy in February. His... Read More

Detroit Fisher Building For Sale!

Detroit's Fisher Building is going to auction. Built in 1928 after the Fisher Body family sold their business to General... Read More

Detroit Fisher Mansion For Sale!

Back on the Detroit market is the 35,000-square-foot Fisher Mansion for $1.57 million. The mansion was built in 1926 for... Read More

Donald Trump's Real Estate World!

Donald Trump is fond of publicizing his name and wealth. However his claim at his recent announcement as the GOP preside... Read More

Nordstrom Tower Will Be U.S. Tallest!

A new building on New York City's West 57th Street will be the tallest building in the United States. The project by Ext... Read More

New York's $250 Million Penthouse!

Astronomical real estate prices in New York City may be heading even higher. Rumors are that a Qatari billionaire is clo... Read More

Home Sale Stats Best Since 2006!

Trending along with improved employment figures, housing statistics are at their best level since the real estate boom y... Read More

San Francisco Projected To Be #1!

According to the Kearny Global Cities Index, San Francisco will be the #1 city in the world by 2024. Its city hall turns... Read More

Gay Neighborhoods Worth More Money!

Home values in neighborhoods with high concentrations of gay couples are higher than neighborhoods that are predominantl... Read More

Phil Collins Buys J-Lo's Miami Mansion!

A 1929 Miami mansion that was once owned by Jennifer Lopez recently sold to musician Phil Collins. Collins paid $33 mill... Read More

Downton Abbey Mansion For Sale!

The English mansion that was the fictional home of Lady Violet Crawley in Downton Abbey is for sale. The home was built ... Read More

Luxury Doomsday Bunkers!

A California developer is converting an underground Cold War era Soviet military facility in Germany to an upscale compl... Read More

Hot Celebrity Bathrooms!

Jennifer Lopez has 13 in her home. Scarlett Johansson has one from 1941. Nick Jonas is trying to sell his Spanish-tiled ... Read More

Top 10 U.S. Retirement Cities!

According to a survey by, the best U.S. cities for retirement are in the West with good weather, low taxes ... Read More

Rock Home In Minneapolis For Sale!

A Minneapolis artist has used rocks, pebbles and cobblestones to redesign her 1912 home. The retired art teacher has glu... Read More

J-Lo's $17 Million Mansion!

Jennifer Lopez may soon return to her Hidden Hills, California home after being sued for a recent hot Morocco performanc... Read More

New Jersey Is #1!

Based on the value of land, the richest state in the contiguous U.S. is New Jersey with an average value of almost $200,... Read More

Cheers For World's Ugliest Buildings!

The New York Times uncovers the beauty to be found in some of the world's ugliest buildings. From the Berlin airport bui... Read More

Sold - King James' Miami Mansion!

While leading the Miami Heat to the NBA playoffs four times and two championships, LeBron James was the king on the bask... Read More

Fred Flintstone's Caveman House For Sale!

A Fred Flintstone theme park in Arizona with his caveman house, a dinosaur slide and other Bedrock City landmarks is for... Read More

Top 10 Frank Lloyd Wright Home Tours!

Frank Lloyd Wright's core belief that inspired his home designs was that man and nature were one and should never be sep... Read More

Snakes In Our New House!

A Maryland couples' excitement over the new house they bought in December for $410,000 was ruined when they soon discove... Read More

Heath Shuler's Mountain Home!

The former NFL quarterback and Republican congressman's 11-acre mountain estate is going to auction on June 25th. The ho... Read More

JFK Florida White House Sold $31 Million!

Although the Kennedy family legacy is associated with Hyannis Port and Cape Cod, much of the family's history and John F... Read More

Surging Home Prices Blamed On Rich Internationals!

London, New York City, Miami and Sydney are cities where home prices have soared in recent years. Wealthy people from As... Read More

Kobe Bryant Sets Home Sale Record!

Although it took two years, Kobe Bryant just sold his Newport Coast home for $6.16 million. He was originally asking $8.... Read More

American Castles For Sale!

No one has to leave the United States to buy a castle. The Real Deal has photos and details on five castle homes for sal... Read More

Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch For Sale!

The 2,7000-acre estate near Santa Barbara that Michael Jackson bought in 2007 and renamed Neverland Ranch is on the mar... Read More

Rich Saudi Buys $95 Million NYC Penthouse!

Saudi billionaire Fawaz Al Hokair has been identified as the buyer of a $95 million apartment at New York's 432 Park Ave... Read More

Michael Jordan Reduces Mansion Price!

Michael Jordan has been trying to sell his 56,000-square-foot suburban Chicago home for several years. The home includes... Read More

The Jetsons Amazing Predictions!

Video chat, robot maids and wearable computers are just a few of the predictions that The Jetsons 1960's TV cartoon show... Read More

Home Sales Back to 2006 Levels!

Pending home sales in the United States are at their highest level since 2006. The index, which projects home sales base... Read More

Private Island With New York Views!

A private island on Long Island Sound that was colonized in 1651 and features a tudor-style home, pool, sandy beach and ... Read More

Great Gatsby House For Sale!

The Long Island home where F. Scott Fitzgerald lived from 1922 to 1924 when he wrote much of The Great Gatsby is for sal... Read More

America's Top 10 Richest Towns!

America's wealthiest towns tend to be quiet suburbs of large cities with two-earner households, good schools and nearby ... Read More

Brady Bunch & Other TV Homes!

In real life, the Brady Bunch house in Hollywood would cost a bit over $550,000. The Modern Family house in Los Angeles... Read More

Construction Resumes On America's Largest Home!

The 90,000-square-foot Florida mansion being built for time share king, David Siegel, is still under construction near D... Read More

Hawaii Beach Ranked #1 By Dr Beach!

An Oahu, Hawaii beach, Waimanalo Bay, grabbed the top slot for Dr. Beach's 2015 list of America's top 10 beaches. The d... Read More

Paul McCartney's Fifth Avenue Penthouse!

Paul McCartney recently paid $15.5 million for a New York City penthouse with Central Park views. Read More

Howard Baker's Tennessee Auction!

Former Senator Howard Baker's Tennessee mid-century modern home on 11 acres is going to auction on June 20th. The auctio... Read More

Texas Mansion Could Have 70 Bedrooms!

An unfinished Texas mansion is so big and has so many bedrooms that the home's listing agent isn't sure exactly how many... Read More

U.S. Housing Starts Surge 20%!

New home construction in the United States jumped 20.2 percent in April to its highest level since 2007. Annual new home... Read More

Foreclosures Back to 2007 Levels!

U.S. home foreclosures declined to their lowest levels since 2007. The rate of delinquent loans over 60 days declined to... Read More

Paula Deen Selling Savannah Home!

Paula Deen is selling the 14,500-square-foot Savannah, Georgia home where she lived and filmed her TV cooking show. The ... Read More

Condo Developers Still Have Wet Feet!

In some parts of the United States, condominium sale prices have reached or even exceeded their peak 2005-06 prices, but... Read More

Robin Williams' Vineyard Mansion For Sale!

Robin Williams called it “Villa Sorriso.†Located in the Mayacama Mountains and straddling the Napa and Sonoma Valle... Read More

Home Bidding Wars!

With higher demand and lower inventory, home sale bidding wars are popping up in some parts of the United States. Prices... Read More

Beyonce & Jay Z Rumored to New Orleans!

According a real estate website, Beyonce and Jay Z might be buying a New Orleans home that was originally a Presbyterian... Read More

San Francisco's Tiniest Condo Sells For Big Bucks!

A 291-square-foot San Francisco condo consisting of one room, a built-in desk, a corner kitchenette and a Murphy bed rec... Read More

LeBron's Miami Mansion!

With his move back home to Ohio and a two-year $42 million contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James put his F... Read More

Brad & Angelina's Big Easy Home For Sale!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are selling their New Orleans home asking $6.5 million. The couple purchased the 7,645-squa... Read More

Over-the-Top Celebrity Homes!

Elvis Presley had his green shag carpet jungle room, Jayne Mansfeld had her pink palace, Jerry Seinfeld his own Hamptons... Read More

House Flippers Bounce Back!

Home sales are better, prices are higher and house flippers are back at work, and making record profits. The average gr... Read More

Top 5 Celebrity Hamptons Homes!

Along with Beverly Hills, Miami, Manhattan and Aspen, the Hamptons is a magnet for celebrity homes. Richard Gere and Su... Read More

Arizona Neighbors Mad At Frank Lloyd Wright!

A Frank Lloyd Wright house in Arizona that was a prototype for his Guggenheim Museum design was almost demolished in 201... Read More

“Empire” TV Show Mansion!

The Fox television show “Empire†takes place mostly in the Chicago area where Lucious Lyon oversees the family music... Read More

High & Low Property Tax States!

Residents of Hawaii, Alabama and Louisiana have the lowest property taxes in the United States. New Jersey, Illinois and... Read More

Tommy Lee Jones Polo Estate!

Wellington, Florida is the polo hotspot for the United States with celebrity horse owners such as Bill Gates, Bruce Spri... Read More

Top 25 Retirement Towns!

According to Forbes, the best cities in the United States for retirement are places with low taxes and crime, a good ec... Read More

A Free House For Mom!

HGTV has a look at four celebrities who bought homes for their mothers. Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and Mischa Ba... Read More

Fallout Shelters For Sale!

Looking for a good deal on a fallout shelter, a safe house built to survive 330 miles per hour winds or freeze-dried ham... Read More

Canadians Cash In On Florida Vacation Homes!

Canadians who purchased Florida vacation homes and condos during the real estate crash are now reaping the benefits of a... Read More

$100 Million Home Sales!

There were five homes that sold in 2014 for over $100 million. The top dollar home was $147 million in East Hampton. The... Read More

Just 19 Days To Build Skyscraper!

A Chinese construction company recently completed a 57-story skyscraper in just 19 days. They built it in central China ... Read More

Today's Home Prices Not a Housing Bubble!

Median home prices have increased almost 8 percent per year since 2012, compared to 10 percent per year between 2002 and... Read More

Floyd Mayweather's Las Vegas Home!

Curbed has photos of Floyd Mayweather's Las Vegas estate. Highlights include 22,000 square feet, 24' ceilings and a two-... Read More

Miami's Art Deco Hotels!

Take a tour of Miami Beach's 1920/40s fabulous art deco hotels. From its nadir as rundown senior housing in the 1970s to... Read More

Key West Submarine Pits For Sale!

A 122-acre dredged area near Key West, Florida where the U.S. Navy housed its submarine fleet during the Cuban Missile C... Read More

Larry Ellison's Giant House Collection!

Larry Ellison made billions as CEO of computer software biz Oracle. He is the third-wealthiest person in the U.S. worth ... Read More

Home Seller's Big Mistakes!

Selling a home ranks up there with tax audits and colonoscopies on the anxiety scale. Mistakes people make when they try... Read More

Former New York Playboy Club Sells $85 Million!

The Manhattan building where the New York Playboy Club did business from the 1960s to 80s has sold for $85 million. The... Read More

America's Most Expensive Street!

According to the real estate website Zillow, the most expensive street in the United States is Indian Creek Island Road ... Read More

Mrs Hogan's Divorce Home!

Linda Hogan is asking $5.5 million for the Simi Valley estate she bought in 2010 with some of her Hulkster divorce money... Read More

Connecticut Ghost Town For Sale!

An 1830's Connecticut mill town that was resurrected in the 1960s as a tourist attraction is for sale at $2.4 million. I... Read More

Basketball Home Courts For Sale!

With the NCAA basketball season done and the NBA season heading to a climax, Curbed has a look at upscale homes with bas... Read More

Florida Home Sales Increase 25 Percent!

The Florida housing market continues to improve with higher listings, sales and prices. Sales of single-family homes inc... Read More

World's Worst Designed Cities!

Jakarta's roads are so jammed that it takes about two hours to make an average city drive. Dubai's urban design is so co... Read More

Phantom of the Opera's New York Loft!

Gerald Butler has starred in some of Hollywood's darkest film roles including the Dracula part in “Dracula 2000,†A... Read More

Hollywood's Champion House Flippers!

Some of Hollywood's top celebrities are also its best home flippers. Jeremy Renner won Oscar nominations for both “The... Read More

Rich Families' Lost Fortunes!

Some of America's once richest families such as the Vanderbilts, Pulitzers and Strohs ended up broke. Read More

South Florida Condos Go Extreme Upscale!

Condo developers in South Florida are competing for the wealthiest buyers from Asia, South America, Europe and North Ame... Read More

Top 5 California Celebrity Homes!

According to RealtyToday, the best five California celebrity homes that have recently been on the market are Ellen DeGen... Read More

Bacall's Dakota Price Drops $2 Million!

Lauren Bacall died at age 89 in her home at New York's famed, The Dakota, where she lived for 53 years. Her nine-room, t... Read More

Where the Rich People Live!

Knight Frank's Wealth Report lists New York City as the #4 city for ultra-wealthy residents with 3,008 people, trailing ... Read More

Cheaper To Buy Than Rent!

In 76 percent of the U.S., it is more affordable to buy a home than it is to rent. According to the study by RealtyTrac,... Read More

Good Time To Sell - Not To Buy!

In a recent Fannie Mae survey, 60 percent of the participants said they would buy another home if they were to move. It ... Read More

Julia Roberts Is Selling Her Hawaii Home!

Julia Roberts is looking to double her money on the North Shore, Hawaii beach estate she purchased in 2011 for $13.375 m... Read More

Nixon's Western White House For Sale!

The San Clemente, California home with 450 feet of oceanfront that President Richard Nixon bought in 1969 for $450,000 i... Read More

The $175 Million New York Condo!

The first New York City condominium to sell for $100 million happened in December when the penthouse unit with expansive... Read More

Vacation Home Sales Surge To Record Levels!

Sales of U.S. vacation homes soared to about 1.13 million in 2014, an increase of over 57 percent from 2013's total of 7... Read More

Lil Wayne Selling His Bad Luck Home!

Lil Wayne is asking $18 million for his Miami Beach home that has been the site of several recent pranks on the rap star... Read More

Mike Tyson's Haunted Ohio Mansion!

It probably isn't actually haunted but the Northeast Ohio home that Mike Tyson owned in the 1980s looks almost as scary ... Read More

Housing Recovery Without Enough Buyers!

Home prices in the top 20 U.S. housing markets were up 4.6 percent from January, 2014 increasing twice as fast as wages.... Read More

Palm Springs Is Cool Again!

It was the hotspot for Hollywood celebrities from the 1950s to the 70s who flocked to Palm Springs for the good weather,... Read More

General Pierre Beauregard's Civil War Headquarters!

The Charleston, South Carolina house that General Pierre Beauregard used as his headquarters during the Civil War is for... Read More