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Surprise Chinese Drywall Settlement!

Several thousand home owners whose dream homes turned to nightmares of rotten egg smells, corroded air conditioning wire... Read More

South Florida Home Prices At 2004 Levels!

Home prices in the Florida Gold Coast stretch from Miami to Palm Beach increased 8.3 percent since January, 2014. After ... Read More

Good News For Robin Thicke!

Finally some good news for Robin Thicke. Following the recent $7.4 million judgment for his role in the “Blurred Lines... Read More

Bad Housing Market Coming?

Housing related stocks and indexes are near peak levels not seen since 2007. However, interest rates are up and housing ... Read More

Millennials Finally Enter Home Market!

Rising rental rates are pushing more millennials to buy a home. According to the National Association of Realtors, mille... Read More

Madoff Suicide Home For Sale!

The New York apartment where Bernie Madoff's son committed suicide in 2010 is for sale at $9 million. Mark Madoff paid $... Read More

The Al Jolson Estate!

A California home that was owned by Al Jolson in the 1930s and later by a host of celebrities including Don Ameche, Kirs... Read More

America's Fastest Growing Town!

For the second year in a row, the fastest growing town in the U.S. is The Villages now with over 114,000 people, mostly... Read More

Joe Cocker's Colorado Manor For Sale!

Joe Cocker bought a 240-acre tract of land in Crawford, Colorado in 1992 and created Mad Dog Ranch. He built an English... Read More

Sandy Hook Killer's Home Demolished!

The Connecticut family home of Sandy Hook killer, Adam Lanza, has been demolished. Lanza began his killing spree at the ... Read More

New Home Sales Hit 8 Year Peak!

New home sales increased 7.8 percent in February to its highest rate since early 2008 - an annual rate of 539,000 new ho... Read More

Bing Crosby Home With Ties to JFK!

Bing Crosby's former Southern California house that once hosted President John F. Kennedy, and possibly Marilyn Monroe, ... Read More

Home Price Increase Streak Hits 36 months!

Sales were up 1.2 percent from January, 2015 and median home prices increased to $202,600 - an increase of 7.5 percent s... Read More

Tom Cruise Selling Beverly Hills Mansion!

A Beverly Hills mansion that Tom Cruise owns is for sale at $12.995 million. Tom has been selling some of his multi-mill... Read More

NYC Ranks #1 For Big Home Prices!

According to a new report from Knight Frank, New York City was the #1 city in the world with an increase of 18.8 percent... Read More

LeBron Cuts Coconut Grove Price!

LeBron James returned to Ohio for this NBA season to play for his home-state Cleveland Cavaliers but left his Miami mans... Read More

Hollywood Pioneer Mansion For Sale!

A Beverly Hills mansion that was originally built for Samuel Goldwyn in 1934 and remained in the Goldwyn family into the... Read More

White House Denies Obama Hawaii House Deal!

The $8.7 million purchase of a Hawaii estate by a close friend and treasurer for President Obama's first presidential ca... Read More

Bill Koch's $100 Million Aspen Ranch!

Koch Industries is one of the largest privately held companies in the world. Bill Koch, son of founder Fred Koch, sold ... Read More

Winklevoss Twins Want $150K a Month!

The Winklevoss Twins, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who attended Harvard with Mark Zuckerberg in the early 2000s and lat... Read More

The Mariah Carey - Farrah Fawcett House!

The marital home of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon in Bel Air, California recently sold for $9 million. The traditional-st... Read More

L.A. Mega Mansion Includes $350 Toothbrush!

A mansion now under construction in Los Angeles includes the world's largest residential IMAX theater, hands-free toilet... Read More

Manny Buys Diddy Mansion!

Manny Pacquiao has purchased a Beverly Hills mansion that was once the home of Sean 'Diddy' Combs. Pacquiao will be livi... Read More

Kenny Rogers Lionsgate Sells For $50 Million!

Kenny Rogers is near the top of the list of celebrity house flippers. Although most of his home deals have been in his h... Read More

Sarah Jessica Parker Finally Sells!

It took several years and a $5 million dollar price drop but Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick, ha... Read More

Scarface Chainsaw House Just Sold!

The Miami Beach slum apartments where Tony Montana narrowly escaped a Colombian chainsaw gang in “Scarface†has sold... Read More

Average NYC Down Payment Almost $350K!

According to a recent report by RealtyTrac, the average down payment for New York City area homes is over $347,000. It i... Read More

Open House Event Causes Chaos!

The lack of inventory of homes for sale is causing problems in some areas of the United States. A recent open house in B... Read More

Good & Bad Home Property Tax States!

According to a study by RealtyTrac, New York is by far the highest property tax state with an average tax bill over $15,... Read More

NYC Developer Made a Killing!

The Durst family is one of New York's most successful real estate development companies. Joseph Durst began in the early... Read More

Cruise the World In Your Own Home!

Prices start at $1 million to live on a 12-deck cruise ship that sails around the world full time. There are a total of ... Read More

David Hasselhoff's Home For Sale!

David Hasselhoff's Calabasas, California home is for sale at $2.3 million. Read More

Billy the Kid's Hideout For Sale!

An 1870's home in New Mexico that was once Billy the Kid's hideout is for sale at $545,000. Read More

Al Capone Was a Snowbird!

Like many snowbirds, Al Capone escaped the cold Chicago winters in Florida. It was his alibi for the 1929 St. Valentine'... Read More

Leo DiCaprio's Palm Springs Home For Rent!

Leonardo DiCaprio bought Dina Shore's Palm Springs home last year for a bit over $5 million. The mid-century modern home... Read More

New York's Property Tax Windfall!

Due to controversial tax breaks, some ultra wealthy New York City home owners are paying very low property taxes. Accord... Read More

Ultra Rich Leaving China For UK & USA!

The very rich are leaving China and India moving to the UK, Singapore and USA. Read More

Actor Jeff Daniels Selling School!

Actor Jeff Daniels is selling a former Michigan school that was most recently used as a performing arts center. Read More

$150 Million New York City Condo!

A new condo unit over 21,500 square feet at the top of the Sony Building is in the works for Midtown Manhattan. If built... Read More

Real Estate Crooks!

The whispers that some of the big money New York condo purchases are used to launder money are getting louder. Read More

Baby Boomers On The Move!

About one in six of retirees over age 65 will relocate to a different state. The South Atlantic states are the most popu... Read More

Best Cities To Invest In Florida!

According to, the best cities to invest in Florida are in the Miami - Fort Lauderdale area. The top three... Read More

City Home Prices Across U.S.!

A yearly income of $31,716 will buy a median priced home in Pittsburgh but San Francisco's price is over $142,000. A loo... Read More

Miami Home Price Gains Second Highest in U.S.!

Miami area home prices increased 8.4 percent in the last year, the second highest rate in the United States. San Francis... Read More

Trump Real Estate School Flunks Out!

The State of New York is suing The Donald for allegedly misleading people who bought his real estate investment course. ... Read More

U.K. Mansions Money Laundering!

A new tax on U.K. luxury homes brought in five times more money than officials expected. Experts suspect that money laun... Read More

Pending Home Sales Increase!

The number of pending home sales in January are at the highest level since August, 2013. Read More

U.S. Largest Mansion In Trouble!

The largest inhabited mansion in the United States is involved in a $118 million federal fraud judgment. Read More

Miley's SoCal Home Asks $6 Million!

Miley Cyrus is asking $5.995 million for her former Toluca Lake family home. Billy Cyrus bought the home in 2007 because... Read More

New York's Fashionable Haunted Mansion!

A Staten Island mansion is a favorite for fashion magazines. Some say it is haunted. Now for sale for $2 million. Read More

Miami Beach Luxury Home Prices Skyrocket!

The Real Deal reports that luxury home prices in Miami Beach increased 66 percent in the last year to an average of $8.3... Read More

Home Prices Up But Sales Retreat!

Home prices in December increased 4.5 percent compared to 2013. The number of homes on the market dropped to just 4.4 mo... Read More

New Homes Are Shrinking!

According to the U.S. Commerce Department, the size of new homes decreased 106 square feet in 2014. The median size of a... Read More

McMansions Are Big!

According to the National Association of Realtors, used McMansions are selling well. Home sales priced in the $750,000 t... Read More

Joan Rivers New York Penthouse!

The estate of Joan Rivers is selling her Manhattan penthouse with ballroom and lots of glitz asking $28 million. Read More

Coastal Living's Happiest Seaside Towns!

Coastal Living is conducting its annual readers survey to find America's happiest beach towns. Last year's winning town ... Read More

Florida Home Prices Up Again!

Florida home prices continue to go up. January was the the 38th consecutive month that both single-family homes and cond... Read More

Ghost Town Real Estate Mistakes!

An abandoned water park, Holy Land theme park murder site and Israeli strip joint are now abandoned real estate mistakes... Read More

Waldorf Astoria Adding Condos!

The new Chinese owners of the Waldorf Astoria plan to convert part of the hotel into super luxury condos. Read More

Miami Condo Developers Bank On New Yorkers!

As economic problems in Russia and much of the world cast a shadow on the over 300 proposed condo projects in Miami, dev... Read More

Taylor Swift's House Collection!

Taylor Swift is a celebrity house collector. Curbed has a look at Taylor's career and her many homes including the Hyann... Read More

Paul McCartney Home Auction!

The Liverpool home where Paul McCartney lived as a child is going to auction. Read More

John Denver's Colorado Peace House!

A Colorado disc jockey is trying to buy John Denver's Aspen estate and turn it into a conference center to promote world... Read More

The Real Rob Lowe's $42 Million Estate!

Rob Lowe is selling his Montecito, California home asking $42 million. He may have a buyer. Read More

Porsche Design Tower Features Man Caves!

With its black glass Batman look, robot car elevators and futuristic interior design, Porsche Design Tower is different ... Read More

Rex Ryan Moving To Buffalo!

Rex Ryan is selling his New Jersey five bedroom home asking $2.2 million. The former New York Jets coach is the new Buff... Read More

Historic Celebrity Homes!

Architectural Digest talked to celebrities about their homes' history. Julianne Moore owns an 1839 New York waterfront t... Read More

Manhattan Condo Prices 10-Year Surge!

While most cities are still struggling to reach their 2005/06 peak home prices, Manhattan condo prices are up an average... Read More

Las Vegas Mob Boss Home For Sale!

The Las Vegas home of mob boss, Frank “Lefty†Rosenthal, who inspired the Robert De Niro character, Sam “Ace†Ro... Read More

The Standard & Poor's Mansion!

The Tuxedo Park, New York mansion that was built in the late 1800s for Standard & Poor co-founder, William Poor, is for ... Read More

Buy a Condo - Get a Tesla!

An upscale condo development in West Palm Beach, Florida is offering a free Tesla with the purchase of a home. The homes... Read More

Rupert Murdoch Selling Houses!

Media kingpin Rupert Murdoch purchased Move Inc, the operator of in September. This week, he explained his r... Read More

Miami Beach Founder's Home In Danger!

The Star Island home of the first mayor and co-founder of Miami Beach, John H. Levi, may be demolished. The home was bu... Read More

Mitt Romney Trims His House Collection!

According to the Boston Globe, 2012 GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is unloading some of his homes inventory in p... Read More

The $1 House of the Year!

Every year, the Wall Street Journal's readers vote for their favorite home. The winner is selected from the Journal's w... Read More

Shakira's Miami Beach Home For Sale!

The Miami Beach neighborhood where Matt Damon recently sold his 1920's estate is popular with celebrities. Colombian sup... Read More

Bad News For Miami Beach Condo Developers!

A triple whammy of a devalued euro, low oil prices and Russian economic sanctions is bad news for the Miami Beach condo ... Read More

New Home Sales Surge for December!

According to the U.S. Commerce Department, new home sales were up 11.6 percent in December. Although new home sales for... Read More

London's Expensive Real Estate - Shared Bedrooms!

London real estate prices are the most expensive in the world, making even Manhattan prices seem like a bargain. Rental ... Read More

America's Top 10 Rich Towns!

The U.S. cities where the most expensive homes are found are also the places that require the highest incomes to live. A... Read More

South Florida's Pre-Construction Price Difference!

Condo pre-construction prices in the best areas of Miami Beach are as high as $2,700 a square foot. About twice as much ... Read More

Old Hollywood Celebrity Homes!

“Elle Décor†has photos of the homes of some of Hollywood's biggest stars from the past. Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gabl... Read More

The Housing Demolition Dilemma!

As towns and cities lose population in the North and Midwest USA, long-time vacant homes can become a serious problem at... Read More

Sandy Hook Killer's Home Will Be Demolished!

The 3,100-square-foot Connecticut Colonial home where Adam Lanza lived with his mother when he slaughtered 20 first grad... Read More

Best Housing Starts Since 2005!

A good December pushed annual U.S. housing starts to its highest level since 2005. A total of 1.01 million new homes an... Read More

Miami Condo Pre-Construction Includes Soccer Field!

A planned Miami condo project, Paramount Miami Worldcenter, with 472 units will include a soccer field. About 10 percent... Read More

Dump the House - Live On a Cruise Ship!

A Florida widow sold her home almost seven years ago and has been living ever since on a cruise ship. Since her husband ... Read More

Atomic-Bomb Missile Silo For Sale!

A Cold War era missile silo that lies 10 floors below ground near Roswell, New Mexico is for sale asking $295,000. A sal... Read More

Macy's Connected Home For Sale!

A New Jersey estate with ties to the founder of Macy's is for sale. Herbert and Therese Straus built the elaborate compo... Read More

Condo Sale Sets New York City Record!

A penthouse condo with expansive Central Park views at New York City's One57 has set a new sales record at $100.47 milli... Read More

Reeling Russian Ruble Scrambles Luxury Market!

The Russians were very active in the last few years buying multi-million dollar homes and condos in Florida and New York... Read More

More Celebrity Homes!

From Taylor Swift to Charlize Theron, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, Lonny has a tour of celebrity homes. Read More

Sham Florida Moves To Save On Taxes!

Because Florida has no state income tax and additional tax breaks for residents, some people from high tax states are te... Read More

South Florida Home Investing Slows Down!

With South Florida home prices up over 20 percent, home purchases by institutional investors has slowed down. According ... Read More

Tiger's Swedish Golf Island!

According to, a 62-acre island in Sweden that was designed with golf facilities, home, ferry and horse stable fo... Read More

American Castles For Sale!

The Real Deal and have photos and details on five wonderful castle-like homes for sale in the United States... Read More

Frank Sinatra's New York penthouse!

A Manhattan penthouse that Frank Sinatra helped design in 1961 and where he lived with Mia Farrow appears to have sold f... Read More

Celebrity Ski Homes!

Jerry Seinfeld's 14,200 square foot Telluride, Colorado ski home was for sale in 2011. Mitt Romney sold his Park City, U... Read More

Florida Home Investors Ready To Cash Out!

According to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, investors who scooped up cheap Florida homes during the real estate crash may ... Read More

Jeff Gordon's Aspen Ranch!

Jeff Gordon is more than just a race car driver. He is also a real estate collector including a 1,930 acre ranch near As... Read More