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Bird Lady Takes $700K Hit!

You may recall the video that went viral of the blond woman flipping off Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls during an NBA ... Read More

American Institute of Architects 2014 Award Winners!

The American Institute of Architects recognizes innovative and environmental-friendly home designs with yearly awards fo... Read More

Detroit's Great Landlord Opportunities!

What is the best real estate investment deal in the country? According to CNN, it is rental property in Detroit. CNN rep... Read More

Back to the 1950s!

A Toronto home has had the same owner for over 72 years. The home's décor, furniture and colors are a flashback to the ... Read More

Upscale Meth Lab Homes!

Luxury homes in good neighborhoods are ideal for methamphetamine lab sites. Read More

Good News for Home Loan Borrowers!

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, mortgage credit availability is at its highest level since at least 2011. Read More

Alex Rodriguez's Real Estate Future!

With Mr. Rodriguez's baseball career suspended and going down hill, he may have a future in real estate. He made a $15 m... Read More

Tommy Hilfiger Buys Famous Miami Beach Hotel!

Another indication that Miami Beach is a big deal internationally, fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger just purchased the R... Read More

Internationals Buying U.S. Homes!

A big reason why the huge South Florida condo bust inventory was liquidated in a couple years instead of a generation, a... Read More

$60 Million for Hare Krishnas Headquarters!

Ever wonder where all that spare change went to that the Hare Krishnas collected at airports? Their New York City headqu... Read More

What Turnkey Really Means!

It might mean that the home is selling with all the furniture, dishes, towels and everything or it might just mean a new... Read More

Overdue New York Water Bills!

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and New York University are some of the Big Apple water users who were behind on paying their ... Read More

Connecticut Mansion Sale Sets New Record!

Copper Beech Farm in Greenwich, Connecticut has reportedly sold for $120 million, possibly the highest price ever paid f... Read More

World's Best Golf Clubhouses!

It's Masters Golf Tournament time - one of the first signs that spring is finally here. Architectural Digest shows us th... Read More

Florida Tax Wars!

It might be hard to believe but some wealthy people are claiming Florida residence even though primarily living in anoth... Read More

My Old Kentucky Home Turns 100!

They didn't manage to pull off the big win in the Men's NCAA Basketball Championship, but the Kentucky Wildcats can stil... Read More

Free Rolls Royce!

Billionaire fertilizer and New York real estate businessman Alexander Rovts is giving away a Phantom Rolls Royce to the ... Read More

Bruce & E Street Band's Florida Homes!

It seems that Bruce Springsteen and several members of his E Street Band have chosen Florida's Palm Beach area as a home... Read More

Atlanta Archbishop Selling $2.2 Million Home!

Archbishop Wilton Gregory has been under some criticism for moving into a $2.2 million home. The property is located in ... Read More

Extreme Shipping Container Home!

An Australian home has taken the idea of shipping container home conversions to a new level. A 6,000 square-foot home in... Read More

Jeffrey Dahmer House For Sale!

Rich Lubinski of Stouffer Reality explains that, "this house never killed anyone." Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home, also... Read More

Top 10 U.S. Misery Cities!

Is Huntington, West Virginia the most miserable city in the United States? Provo, Utah the most content city? 24/7 Wall ... Read More

Miami Beach $200K Rental!

It is about the same as the price of an average new home. Asking $200,000 every month to rent a Miami mansion. It does i... Read More

Taylor Swift Adds to Home Collection!

She already owns or recently owned homes in Tennessee, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and California. Rumors now that she i... Read More

Finally! Fleur de Lys Sells for $102 Million!

It is almost a legend in the world of high priced mansions that take a long time to sell. Fleur de Lys was built by Davi... Read More

Tour Wayne Newton's Fun House!

Wayne Newton's former Las Vegas compound includes a zoo, car museum, over 50 horse stalls, equestrian pool for exercisin... Read More

South Florida Home Prices at 2008 Levels!

Despite predictions in 2010 that it would take a generation to liquidate the inventory of new South Florida condos, most... Read More

St. Joseph Statue Sales Buried!

St. Joseph has been a well-known miracle worker for many home sellers who bury the beloved saint's statue upside down in... Read More

Sarah Michelle & Freddy Selling!

Sarah Michelle Geller and Freddy Prinze have placed their Bel Air home on the market for $5.5 million. Domaine has a hom... Read More

Top 10 Surging Home Markets!

According to, U.S. median home sale prices are up the most in Stockton, California at 38.9 percent. Prices h... Read More

February Home Sales Slower!

According to the U.S. Commerce Department, February new home sales fell 3.3 percent to an annual rate of 440,000. Expert... Read More

Shakira's Home Selling Headaches!

Shakira purchased her Miami Beach home in 2001 for a bit under $4 million. She added three bedrooms and four more bathro... Read More

Homes Scarce in Fort Lauderdale!

The Fort Lauderdale area had the nation's largest median home price increase at 7.2 percent for the fourth quarter of 20... Read More

Tour Ellen DeGeneres Home!

A look at the California home of Ellen DeGeneres for sale at $12.995 million. Read More

Miami Condo Prices Surge!

Miami is once again a city of cranes, both the birds and the construction variety. Over 50 new condo buildings are unde... Read More

Kid Rock's Malibu Paradise For Sale!

When Robert James Ritchie, better known as Kid Rock, croons, “Welcome to my shanty...” in his foot stompin' country ... Read More

Florida Prices Up Again!

Florida prices are way up from the condo bust days. According to the Florida Realtors Association, the median price for ... Read More

More DiCaprio Home News!

Leonardo DiCaprio just purchased Dinah Shore's Palm Springs home for $5.495 million. He owns more homes in Malibu and Lo... Read More

Hesitant Sellers Equal Low Inventory!

According to a survey by the real estate website, Redfin, home owners who refinanced when loan rates were under 4% are n... Read More

Trump Wins Fort Lauderdale Lawsuit!

Donald Trump had a good spring break this year in Fort Lauderdale when he testified in and won a lawsuit filed by two me... Read More

Fannie Mae Says Housing Recovery Will Continue!

Despite some recent mediocre news, according to a survey by Fannie Mae, most people are optimistic about the U.S. housin... Read More

Bieber Out - Kardashian In!

Newest Justin Bieber rumor: Khloe Kardashian just bought Justin's Calabasas, California home for $7.2 million. Justin bo... Read More

Slower Home Appreciation in 2014!

Although 2013 was a very good year for home price appreciation with a national average increase of 11 percent, Kiplinge... Read More

The Magnum P.I. House!

Robin's Nest, the name of the Hawaii beach home where Tom Selleck lived in his 1980's hit show, is now for sale at $15.7... Read More

McMansions Getting Bigger!

Contrary to the idea that home owners are growing tired of living in McMansions, big homes are getting even bigger. Aver... Read More

Flippers Are Back!

It seems that the people who invest in homes, sometimes known as flippers, are back in business. After a break in early ... Read More

Celebrity Real Estate Losers!

Katy Perry lost almost a million dollars on the Hollywood home she bought soon after her marriage to Russell Brand. Howe... Read More

Sticker Shock in Miami!

According to data compiled by Peter Zalewski for The Miami Herald, 3 percent of the condos currently on the market in So... Read More

America's Weirdest Beach Condo!

Lauderdale-by-the-Sea is an upscale beach town between Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach. It has more than its share of ... Read More

America's Most Expensive Cities!

According to an analysis of the top 100 U.S. metropolitan areas by “Forbes Magazine,” the most overpriced cities in ... Read More

Miami's New Condo Boom!

Miami is once again bustling with new condo construction. Almost 50 projects are either already under construction or in... Read More

Top 10 Celebrity Homes!

The Toronto Sun shows us 2013's top 10 celebrity homes for sale: Matt Damon, Steve Martin, Sheryl Crow, Howie Mandel, Bo... Read More

New York City's Wealthiest Home Owners!

New York City was - and still is - home to some of the richest people in the world. Curbed has a fascinating look at the... Read More

Best Ski Towns To Invest!

According to an analysis from RealtyTrac of 19 ski resort areas, the best ski town in the U.S. for investing is Whitefis... Read More

Five Worst U.S. Housing Markets!

The housing market news isn't rosy everywhere. Although home prices nationally rose 10.1 percent in the fourth quarter o... Read More

Best Home News Since 2005!

According to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index, 2013 was the best year for U.S. home prices since 2005, with nationa... Read More

America's Top 10 Rich Neighborhoods!

According to a professor at the University of Montevallo, three of the top ten wealthiest neighborhoods are in Maryland ... Read More

Justin Bieber's Spaceship Home!

Justin Bieber is going to tone things down a bit. He is currently renting a spaceship home in Atlanta. Read More

Buy Elvis Presley's Winter Getaway!

The Palm Springs, California home that Elvis Presley owned from 1970 until his death in 1977 is for sale asking $4 milli... Read More

Changes at the Waldorf Astoria?

It might be the most famous hotel in the world but, according to USA Today, it might be in store for some changes. The h... Read More

Five Best U.S. Housing Markets!

While the U.S. housing market continues to claw its way out of the 2007 - 2011 price crash, some cities are doing better... Read More

Ferris Bueller Glass House Finally Sells!

What could be better than living in the Ferris Bueller glass house? Too late - it finally sold after four years on the m... Read More

Fort Lauderdale Howard Johnsons Explodes!

In the early 1970s, Howard Johnsons was the most popular restaurant chain in the United States with over 1,000 locations... Read More

Florida Home Prices Up Again!

According to the Florida Realtors Association, Florida's median sale prices increased 17 percent in 2013 for condo/townh... Read More

Boehner Buys Florida Beach Condo!

Although many people assume that House Speaker John Boehner lives someplace where it is easy to get a tan, he is actuall... Read More

Malibu's $4 Million Mobile Home!

Location, location, location! Paradise Cove Mobile Home Park has a prime spot on the Malibu bluffs overlooking the Pacif... Read More

Dustin Hoffman Sells $21M NYC Apartment!

The movie business has been very good to Dustin Hoffman. Since his breakthrough performance in the 1967 classic “The G... Read More

Sean's Escape from the Big Apple!

Sean Hannity is threatening to leave New York City, again. The FOX TV talk show host owns an 8,000 square-foot home on L... Read More

Shirley Temple's Childhood Home!

At age six, she was the biggest movie star in Hollywood. In the 1930s, she was one of the country's most popular singers... Read More

Trump Loses Windmill Battle!

The Donald has been fighting a windmill project near his golf course resort in Scotland. A judge denied his request but ... Read More

John Mayer is So Lucky!

In addition to writing and singing today's hit songs and dating the world's most beautiful women, John Mayer just made o... Read More

Ellen's New Home Next to Playboy Mansion!

If Ellen DeGeneres ever stops being funny, she can make a good living in the real estate business. Ellen buys and sells ... Read More

Real Estate Is Hot in Texas!

According to a report from the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M, luxury home sales are up 22 percent in Dallas and 46 per... Read More

Selling a Nasty House!

How should a real estate agent sell a home that is a complete mess? Candy's Dirt writes about a listing in Dallas that i... Read More

Katy Perry Finally Sells!

Katy finally sold the Hollywood Hills home that she and her new husband Russell Brand bought in 2011, but never moved in... Read More

Free Sears House!

Sears, Roebuck and Co. sold about 70,000 kit homes in the United States between 1908 and 1940. The retail giant offered ... Read More

Big Jump in U.S. Home Prices!

According to the S&P/Case-Shiller index of housing prices, U.S. home prices rose 13.6 percent from October, 2012 to Octo... Read More

Top 10 Ski Homes!

Lots of snow so far this winter. Take a look at ten fabulous ski homes that are currently for sal Read More

America's Priciest Homes!

If you had a good financial year in 2013, Trulia has a rundown of America's ten most expensive homes for sale. Most are ... Read More

NYC Top 15 Celebrity Homes!

New York has it all including lots of celebrity real estate deals. Curbed has the details on the top 15 New York City ce... Read More

Weird Homes For Sale!

Choose from a Miami moat home, Malibu tunnel home, Texas Alamo home, and more unusual homes for sale. Read More

No Cars in Miami!

A condo building under construction in Downtown Miami has everything many people look for in an urban condo building. A ... Read More

Big Bucks for Luxury Survival Bunker!

It looks like a normal home but it comes with its own 100-foot radio tower, helicopter pad, seven-stage water filtration... Read More

Good News for Leonardo!

With big prices and big egos, celebrity homes sometimes take a very long time to sell. Since 2012, Leonardo DiCaprio ha... Read More

What Eliot Spitzer Is Up To!

When he isn't working as a governor, attorney general, TV personality, New York City Comptroller candidate, sex addict o... Read More

MJ Relists Chicago Mansion!

Michael Jordan has relisted his 56,000 square foot suburban Chicago mansion for $16 million. It has been a tough sale fo... Read More

Top 30 U.S. Housing Markets!

According to statistics from Zillow, the total value of all single family homes in the United States is $25.7 trillion.... Read More

Florida Cities Ranked Best Retirement Towns!

“Money Magazine” has ranked Fort Lauderdale and St Petersburg in America's Top 10 Retirement Towns. The magazine cit... Read More

Good & Bad Housing News!

Hopefully it is not a sign of an already weakening housing market. The National Housing Association (NAR) reports both g... Read More

$50 Million for Trump Penthouse!

It was a TV star before it was even built when the plans for Trump Soho were announced on “The Apprentice” in 2006. ... Read More

Where the Two Percent Live!

According to The Atlantic Cities, two percent of the world's billionaires have purchased a condo at Porsche Design Tower... Read More

Detroit Cop Shop Castle For Sale!

The former Detroit Eighth Precinct Police Station that looks more like a European castle is for sale asking $299,000. A ... Read More

Michael Jordan Air Ball in Chicago!

MJ has been trying to sell his 56,000 square foot Chicagoland mansion with NBA size basketball court and a climate contr... Read More

Real Estate Test is Hard!

Many people think a real estate job is easy and glamorous. Fancy clothes and cars and easy commissions. But it might be ... Read More

Long Island Mansion Destroyed!

Another East Coast grand mansion is gone. Inisfada (Gaelic for "Long Island") was 87 rooms and over 72,000 square feet, ... Read More

Deface an Agent & Win a Prize!

A real estate agent in Minneapolis has come up with an innovative way to generate publicity. Graham Smith is running a c... Read More

Family Real Estate Wars!

The holidays can create a bit of stress whenever extended families reunite and old rivalries and hurt feelings are resur... Read More

Home Security for the Super Wealthy!

How about a safe room with a fully stocked wine cellar? Or an underground bunker where a family could survive for two o... Read More

New Frank Lloyd Wright Gas Station!

In 1927, Frank Lloyd Wright designed his gas station of the future, but it was never built. The $3500 price tag was too ... Read More

Angelina's Island Gift for Brad!

According to several news sources, Angelina Jolie went big for Brad Pitt's 50th birthday spending about $20 million for ... Read More