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Home Ownership On Decline!

Home ownership has been declining since it reached its peak at 69 percent in 2005. Millennials are not buying homes in t...Read More

Charlton Heston's Beverly Hills Home!

The mid-century modern home built for Charlton Heston in 1959 in the Beverly Hills Coldwater Canyon area is for sale at ...Read More

Charlie Sheen Might Be Selling!

Following the news that he is HIV-positive and paid out hush money of $10 million, Charlie Sheen might be selling two of...Read More

New Jersey Mob Boss Mansion Auction!

One of the most famous New Jersey crime family gangsters was Albert Anastasia. Beginning in the 1930s, he was a top boss...Read More

One Less Headache For David Cassidy!

The teen star of the 1970's hit television show The Partridge Family has had some rough years including bankruptcy, mult...Read More

Beautiful Vacant Buildings!

USA Today has photos of abandoned missile silos, hotels, gas stations and farms that have their own beauty.Read More

The Nuns' Hamptons Mansion!

The Hamptons mansion Villa Maria that used to be a convent was purchased by Nine West founder Vincent Camuto in 2005 for...Read More

Worst Home Buying Years!

According to the National Association of Realtors, people who purchased their home between 2005 and 2007 are still strug...Read More

Detroit's Oldest Home For Sale!

Long before it was know as Motown and Motor City, Detroit's oldest brick home was built in 1848. It is now for sale at ...Read More

The Lego House!

A design studio in Taiwan has designed an apartment using Lego-like blocks.Read More

America's Most Expensive Zip Codes!

Northern California's Silicon Valley is the most expensive housing market in the United States with three zip codes in t...Read More

Billionaire Bunker Bastion!

Billionaires are shacking up in a 323,000-square-foot doomsday bunker carved into a mountain in the Czech Republic. Know...Read More

Mansions For Sale - Cheap !

For the best deal on a mansion, move to Utah, Georgia or Indiana. According to an analysis by real estate website Trulia...Read More

Julia Child's French Home Is For Sale!

Julia Child's vacation home in Provence, France is for sale asking approximately $880,000 (USD). The home near Cannes in...Read More

USA's Longest Highways!

Before the expressway system was built after World War II, Americans did most of their vacation traveling by highway. Re...Read More

Florida Home Market Surging!

The Florida housing market continues to improve with more sales and higher prices. Sales of single-family homes increase...Read More

Haunted Mental Asylum For Sale!

A former Michigan mental asylum that was so big it had its own zip code, bakery and fire department is for sale at $1.5 ...Read More

America's Most Expensive Home Gets Pricier!

Real estate prices continue to increase in South Florida and so does the price on La Palais Royal. America's most expens...Read More

Playboy Mansion Falling Apart!

According to a British Playboy Bunny, both Hugh Hefner and his mansion are falling apart. Carla Howe says that the mansi...Read More

Celebrity Los Angeles Mansions Now Gone!

LA Curbed has the story and photos for Los Angeles area mansions that have been demolished. Many have a celebrity connec...Read More

Jackie Gleason Estate - Away We Go To Auction!

Back in the 1970s, Jackie Gleason's home in Lauderhill, Florida was special. The 6,085-square-foot Inverrary Golf Course...Read More

Bankrupt Developers Bounce Back!

Condo developing is a rough business. Good timing can put a developer on easy street, but bad timing can wipe out years ...Read More

World's Best Building of the Year!

A Singapore apartment complex of 1,040 units spread over 31 six-story blocks won the top award at the 2015 World Archi...Read More

New Colossus of Rhodes Coming!

Greek officials are considering a new Colossus of Rhodes statue. The tourism-boosting idea would replace the original th...Read More

America's 50 Best Towns!

Another ranking of best places to live, this one is the top 50 towns chosen by 24/, selects Meridian, Ida...Read More

Median Home Prices Near 2006 Peak!

A nationwide survey of over 50,000 real estate agents predicts home prices will increase 3.2 percent over the next 12 mo...Read More

America's Safest States!

According to the real estate website Movoto, the United States is a safer place to live than it was in 2004. Crime rates...Read More

Top 10 USA Football Towns!

Some of the country's most affordable home prices are also in the most popular football states. According to USA Today, ...Read More

UFO Home For Sale!

A portable UFO-shaped home in Australia is for sale. The homes were originally designed in 1968 as ski chalets or cheap ...Read More

USA's 50 Pretty State Towns!

From Homer, Alaska's ocean bay and mountains to Sheridan, Wyoming's quaint Old West streets, USA Today has photos of Ame...Read More

New York Skyscraper Features Water Pipes!

A 32-story New York building is adding six water-filled pipes on the roof to control the building's wind vibrations. It ...Read More

UK Village For Sale!

A UK village with manor house that dates from the 17th century, five cottages and 509 acres is for sale at £18m ($27....Read More

Thirteen Haunted Hotels!

Some of the world's best hotels are haunted. Luxury hotels including Boston's Omni Parker House, New Orleans' Bourbon Or...Read More

America's Top 10 Ghost Towns!

America is blessed with ghost towns, many of which are a result of an 1800's gold rush spike. Towns could boom and bust ...Read More

America's Best Fake Haunted Houses!

According to, the #1 haunted home attraction in the United States is an outdoor set in a New Hampshire fo...Read More

Most Americans Will Buy a Haunted House!

According to a survey, 62 percent of Americans would consider buying a haunted house.Read More

Create Your Own Haunted Home!

Finally! Now you can make your own haunted home with's Halloween web feature. Users can create a home with s...Read More

America's Top 10 Haunted Sites!

According to USA Today, the most haunted places in America include a Philadelphia tavern, an Atlanta theater, New Orlean...Read More

Cemetery Homes For Sale!

For anyone who ever wondered why anyone would but a home next to a cemetery, has a look at seven homes for s...Read More

Horror Movie Locations You Can Visit!

Some of America's favorite horror movie film locations actually exist and are open to the public. Visit the Evans City C...Read More

Invasion of the Giant Home-Eating Snails!

The giant snails came from East Africa. The bugs grow up to 8 inches in length and love to eat home stucco. They live up...Read More

Hollywood Stars' Haunted Homes!

Some people believe that Michael Jackson's spirit lives on at his Neverland Ranch. There are similar stories that the gh...Read More

Real Life Haunted Homes!

Real life homes of terror - mass murders, mysterious deaths, double suicides and witch homes.Read More

Famous Haunted Homes in Literature!

Famous haunted houses in literature. Including The Fall of the House of Usher, The House of Gables and The House Next Do...Read More

How To Sell a Creepy House!

Real estate agents don't post very many photos when trying to sell a creepy house.Read More

America's Ghost Towns!

Former railroad and gold mine boom towns, an abandoned amusement park and an Alabama town that was going to be the state...Read More

Top Ten Haunted Castles!

A look at the world's top 10 haunted castles including Dracula's Castle in Romania, the Bloody Chapel Castle in Ireland ...Read More

Rocky Mountain Ghost Town For Sale!

Uptop, Colorado was a ghost town when two sisters bought it in 2000. After many years of money and restoration, the ghos...Read More

Celebrity Murder Homes For Sale!

Is it difficult to sell a house where a gruesome and famous murder or suicide occurred? NBC has the story on the Sharon ...Read More

Celebrity Real Estate News!

Britney Spears recently bought a 21-acre Thousand Oaks, California estate for $7.4 million and bankrupt 50 Cent has redu...Read More

Springsteen Born To Run House For Sale!

The New Jersey cottage where Bruce Springsteen wrote all of the Born to Run songs over 40 years ago is for sale. The thr...Read More

The Beckham's New Palace!

According to UK media, David and Victoria Beckham may be buying a 1640's Gloucestershire estate over 15,000 square feet ...Read More

Wisconsin Woman Discovers Frank Lloyd Wright Home!

Linda McQuillen paid $100,000 for her Madison, Wisconsin home she bought in 1989. McQuillen recently learned that it was...Read More

Sinkhole Liars Face Jail Time!

A Florida couple who collected over $153,000 from their insurance company for a sinkhole problem may be going to prison....Read More

Stop By & See Wayne Newton's Mansion!

Wayne Newton's Casa de Shenandoah estate in Las Vegas made him a happy entertainer. It is a quick drive to work on the L...Read More

Home Prices 48% Cheaper Than 2006!

With home prices 12 percent cheaper and average wages up 34 percent and interest rates down over 40 percent, the cost of...Read More

America's Most Expensive Homes in Every State! has the state-by-state details on the most expensive homes currently on the U.S. market for each sta...Read More

Maureen O'Hara Sells County Cork Home!

Old Hollywood movie star Maureen O'Hara has sold her long-time Ireland home for an estimated $1.8 million. O'Hara starre...Read More

Ted & Mary List Venice Home!

Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen have listed their Venice, California vacation home for $1.749 million. They own several ...Read More

Manhattan Condo Prices Keep Rising!

Manhattan condo prices are up 14 percent since last year to almost $1,500 a square foot. The median price is now at $99...Read More

Cruise Sells Hollywood Hills Home!

A Hollywood Hills home that Tom Cruise apparently purchased as an investment has sold for $11.4 million. The home was ru...Read More

Taylor Swift Buys MGM Mansion!

Taylor Swift loves home so much that she buys a new one about once a year. She has or had homes in Rhode Island, New Yo...Read More

Famous Hollywood Movie Homes!

The movie homes in Psycho and Gone with the Wind were not real - just Hollywood back-lot creations. But most of the oth...Read More

New Home Sales Surge To 7-Year High!

New home sales increased 5.7 percent in August to its highest rate since 2008. Sales are up 22 percent in the past year ...Read More

New York City Is World's Most Expensive Town!

According to a new study by Swiss Bank UBS, New York City is the most expensive city in the world. Although several othe...Read More

Top 10 U.S. Housing Markets!

According to Movoto, the #1 city for home buyers is Henderson, Nevada. The real estate website based selections on home...Read More

Chinese Enter South Florida Housing Market!

Despite economic problems at home, the Miami Association of Realtors reports that Chinese investment activity in South F...Read More

America's Top 100 Cities To Live!

The U.S. Midwest might be losing people but it is the best place to live in the country according to the 2016 Top 100 Be...Read More

Beautiful Destroyed Buildings!

The original Waldorf Astoria, Penn Central Station and New York City's largest home - all now gone. The Real Deal has ph...Read More

Exotic Islands For Sale!

For the very rich who want to escape the rat race, there are a number of Caribbean islands for sale or rent. The most ex...Read More

Burt Reynolds Finally Sells Florida Home!

After years on the market and asking prices ranging from $4.9 to $15 million, Burt Reynolds has sold his Hobe Sound, Flo...Read More

Florida Foreclosure King Losing Home!

David Stern was the king of Florida foreclosure attorneys handling over 100,000 home foreclosure cases during the condo ...Read More

Celebrities Have the Best Home Amenities!

From Celine Dion's family waterpark, Lady Gaga's bowling alley and Jerry Seinfeld's backyard baseball diamond, celebrity...Read More

David Cassidy Home Sells At Bankruptcy Auction!

David Cassidy was the 1970's teen star of TV's hit show Partridge Family. He bought a Fort Lauderdale home in 2001 for $...Read More

Miami $7 Million Gas Station!

A 1960's Chevron gas station near Miami Beach's South Beach recently sold for $7.3 million to a South Florida developer ...Read More

The Invasion of Giant Home-Eating Snails!

They originally snuck into Florida from East Africa - giant snails that eat homes and can make humans deathly ill. They ...Read More

$1 Billion California Real Estate Saga!

At one time, both Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise were interested in buying The Vineyards - the most valuable piece of real est...Read More

The Homes of 2016's Presidential Candidates!

Donald Trump owns a penthouse at Trump Tower in New York City and several mansions in Palm Beach, Florida; Bedford, New ...Read More

America's State Capitol Buildings!

Some of the best architecture in the U.S. can be found at the 50 state capitols. While many of the designs are based on ...Read More

Flintstone Home For Sale!

A California home near San Francisco that looks like the Flintstone's cartoon home is for sale. The home has three bedro...Read More

Babe Ruth's Upper West Side Home!

The 11-room New York apartment where Babe Ruth lived from 1929 to 1940 is for sale at $1.6 million. The Yankee star was...Read More

Dan Quayle Home Goes To Auction!

Former Vice President Dan Quayle bought his suburban Washington D.C. home for $125,000 in 1977 when he was a freshman co...Read More

25 Unusual Celebrity Homes!

The real estate website Curbed has a look at 25 unusual celebrity homes. From Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch to Randy...Read More

Mrs Limbaugh's Florida Real Estate!

Kathryn Limbaugh is Rush's fourth wife who has been collecting Florida condos since they were married in 2010. She now o...Read More

New Florida Mansion Is Really Big!

An 85,000-square-foot mansion is under construction in Carrollwood, Florida. It will be the second largest home built in...Read More

World's Strangest Home Conversions!

Creative home owners have converted a World War II radar station in Scotland to a contemporary home, sewer pipes into ho...Read More

New Yorkers Love Miami!

About 22,000 people moved from the New York City area to Miami between 2009 and 2013. It ranks as the #1 change of addre...Read More

JFK Palm Beach Mansion Sells For $31 Million!

Although the Kennedy family legacy is usually associated with Hyannis Port, much of the family's history and John F. Ken...Read More

LeBron Sells Florida Mansion!

It took almost two years but LeBron James' Coconut Grove home in Florida has sold for $13.4 million. LeBron bought ...Read More

New Jersey TV Housewife Loses Home!

The fortunes of Teresa and Joe Giudice, TV stars from Real Housewives, continue to deteriorate. Teresa is currently in ...Read More

Florida Is King Of Cash Sales!

Although bank credit for home buyers has eased since the recession ended, many people are still paying cash for their ho...Read More

Springsteen's Asbury Park Rising!

Asbury Park, New Jersey has been a frequent theme in Bruce Springsteen's song catalog since his debut 1973 album Greetin...Read More

Jim Morrison's LA Home!

A West Hollywood apartment building where the owner claims The Doors' lead singer, Jim Morrison, lived from 1969 to 197...Read More

Burger King Buys Fort Lauderdale Mansion!

John Rosatti started out working on the shipping docks in Brooklyn before moving to Florida and getting into the auto, y...Read More

Yikes! "Silence of Lambs" Home For Sale!

Hold on to your skin, but the Silence of the Lambs home is for sale. Buffalo Bill's movie home, southeast of Pittsburgh...Read More

Glass Bathtubs For $25,000!

A new trend in upscale, expensive bathroom options is glass bathtubs at $25,000.Read More

"Breaking Bad" Meth House For Sale"

The Albuquerque, New Mexico home where Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman and Walter White cooked methamphetamines is for sale...Read More

Celebrity Swimming Pools!

From Celine Dion to Heidi Klum, Jane Fonda, Steve Martin and Pharell Williams, celebrities have great swimming pools.Read More

Good Times For Home Sellers!

Single-family home sale prices are 13 percent above their 2006 peak prices to $236,400. With higher prices, low inventor...Read More

Donald Trump's Mansion Collection!

Donald Trump's very first mansion was in Greenwich, Connecticut, lost in his 1991 divorce settlement with Ivana Trump. I...Read More