Good News for Wright Fans!

Good News for Wright Fans!

It’s the best holiday gift we never expected to receive that warms the hearts of architectural history buffs in every corner of the world. The much publicized David and Gladys Wright House in Phoenix, Arizona has been permanently saved at long last!

Quoting the press release from the Save Wright organization, “The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy has facilitated the purchase of the David and Gladys Wright House in Phoenix, Arizona, through an LLC owned by an anonymous benefactor. The transaction closed on December 20 for an undisclosed price. The property will be transferred to an Arizona not-for-profit organization responsible for the restoration, maintenance and operation of the David Wright House.”

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The fate of this one-of-a-kind residential design by the master of modern architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, has pulled at the heartstrings of all Wright enthusiasts since it was discovered that a developer had bought the property with plans of tearing it down. When the word got out, everyone got on board, signing petitions and doing everything possible to sell it to a respectful buyer who would preserve it and getting the home approved for historical conservancy by the State of Arizona.

Congratulations to the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy and a heartfelt thank you to the benefactor who made it possible for future generations to experience this exceptional home; the only one built in similar style to Wright’s Guggenheim Museum.

Photos by Scott Jarson, ©2012 Photos courtesy of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy.


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