Your Familys First Night In Your New Home

Millie Gil, Lic. Real Estate Broker-Owner | Fri February 4th, 2011

Your first night in your new house is an exciting time, but it can be a little overwhelming. Standing in the middle of your new home and looking at the stacks of boxes can tempt you to stay up all night unpacking them until morning, but avoid it. Instead, gather your family, make some pallets on the floor using mattresses and sleeping bags, and enjoy your first night in your new house together. Order some pizza (have fun saying your new address for the first time!), eat on napkins, and use plastic cups, treating it like an in impromptu picnic/campout. You may even invite some friends over, crack open a bottle of wine, and let them share in your pride and excitement.

Talking about what changes you're going to make to your new house is a fun activity for your first night in your new house. If you have children, ask them what colors they'd like to paint their rooms, what direction they'd like their bed to face, and any other aspects of their room they might like to change. Children love having this kind of creative freedom. If unpacking is just a little too tempting, make a game plan to give yourself peace of mind. Write a checklist and plan of action of what rooms you will unpack first and what furniture you'd like to move where. Moving can be emotionally and physically exhausting, and you want to spend your first night in your new house soaking it all in... you'll have plenty of time to unpack later.

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