Three Reidential Improvements That Add Value

Millie Gil, Lic. Real Estate Broker-Owner | Mon September 12th, 2011

Three Reidential Improvements That Add Value. There are two ways to go about making home improvements. Either you splurge for things purely for the pleasure of having it or you take a pragmatic approach, making purchases that will increase your home's market value.

Exactly how much you'll recoup in costs depends on several factors, including the value of the homes in your neighborhood, when you plan to sell the home and the nature of the project itself.

But there are three improvements that will up your value no matter what!

1.Install a Standby Generator. Standby generators can add value to your home and while they are moderately expensive to install, they will safeguard your family by keeping power running in an emergency. Unlike a portable backup generator, which you store in the garage or shed and roll out during an emergency, a standby generator is permanently installed on a gravel bed or concrete pad next to your house. If the power goes out, an electronic switch automatically signals the unit to turn on, keeping essential household systems and appliances running

The cost of these units all depend upon your comfort level and what your expectations are. If you lose power, would you prefer the whole house remains running as if nothing ever happened or do you need just the basics to get through the rough time? Prices for standby generators can start as low as $1700, however, this does not include the price for an electrician to install and test the generator.

2.Create a Home Office. Many companies are looking for ways to reduce costs and minimize space to house employees; additionally, millions of Americans work from home and that number grows every year. This has made a home office more of a necessity than a luxury. Creating a dedicated work space not only adds value to your house, but it also makes your telecommute tax deductible. Converting an unused den, sunroom or extra bedroom is a great way to take care of business from the comfort of your home.

3.Infuse some Curb Appeal. If your house doesn't look appealing from the outside, chances are a potential buyer will never make it inside. Paving a driveway or walkway that is in disrepair is a must, because this is what leads people to your home -- you want it to be welcoming. Attractive, manicured front-yard landscaping will also add value to your home. Drought-tolerant plants are a great option if you don't have a green thumb. And don't forget about your backyard either. Outdoor living is very popular as more people wish to entertain. Raised garden beds and attractive lounging furniture will definitely appeal to future buyers. Who said you must spend a fortune? Curb appeal can be created for under $500.

Keep in mind that design tastes can shift significantly over time. A house that's priced higher than its neighboring homes could be perceived as overpriced even if it does have more value.

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