What Is Professional Home Staging And Is It Right For Me

Tina Fountain | Sun January 17th, 2010

Many Atlanta home sellers may find themselves in a situation where they must move on before selling their existing home. As a result, many homes for sale are left in their bare-bones condition, without furniture, accent lighting, wall decor and accessories.

Although your first instinct may lead you to believe that an empty home will appeal to many Atlanta home buyers because they aren’t distracted from your furniture and belongings, the truth is that, time and time again, empty homes take far longer so sell than occupied homes.

Why? It may be because the buyers can’t picture themselves in the home without furniture; it may be because, without furnishings and décor, some of the home’s features get lost and unnoticed; and it may be because a furnished home just feels more comfortable and welcoming.

Professional home staging, which addresses these issues, involves hiring a staging company to essentially furnish and decorate your home as if you still lived there. From art on the walls to attractive china set at the dining room table, a professionally staged home can take your blank canvas and turn it into a work of art.

Benefits of Professional Home Staging:

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